Special Lunch

What is Special Lunch?

Students can purchase lunches from various restaurants. The lunches are delivered to Shepard ready to eat at your students designated lunch time. 


This is a main fundraiser for the PTSO & allows support for many programs.


How Do I Order?

Go to Lunch Solutions website.


WHEN Do Orders nEed to Be in?

NEW - Weekly Ordering Available


The closing date is 10:00 am Friday for the next weeks orders. 

For example orders are due by 10:00 am Friday September 17th,  for the week of September 20th.


 Or you may order for the whole semester. 


Dessert Update Nov 8, 2021


Dear Shepard Families,
Due to Covid-19, the lunch program has had to make many adjustments in serving, deliveries, and items being ordered. I wanted to contact you to explain that the restaurants we are using are also running into supply chain issues and their deliveries are not being met. Many of the restaurants are having trouble getting ingredients to make cookies, for example.  
Because of this, you may find a day that your child might have a side item substituted. One of the most difficult items to replace is the cookie as Lunch Solutions requires all vendors to serve only nut-free items. The item substituted will be a safe dessert.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at lunchsolutions4Shepard@gmail.com.
Robin Bear