Executive Board

President  Angie Butera  shepardptso@gmail.com


Treasurer Jay Kahn ShepardMiddleSchooltreasurer@gmail.com


Secretary  Sally Rosen sally2@gmail.com


President Emeritus Stephanie Blumberg  stephdubin@yahoo.com







For more information or to volunteer for a committee, please email shepardptso@gmail.com

Book Fair 

Volunteers work with our LMC to help organize and run our school book fair.


Deerfield Discount Cards

The committee is responsible for the sale and distribution of the Deerfield Discount Cards.


Deerfield Parent Network Rep

 The volunteer is the liaison between the Deerfield Parent Network and the Shepard PTSO.



Volunteers organize eat-n-earns with local restaurants.


8th Grade Graduation Committee

Volunteers are responsible for the 8th-grade graduation party & dinner, the 8th-grade gift, and any other 8th-grade outing or event. 


Gift Committee/Lifeline

Volunteers organize back-to-school gifts, holiday gifts, and lifecycle events for Shepard teachers and staff.



The Hospitality Committee arranges for refreshments for PTSO related functions, including the back to school staff lunch, Holiday Luncheon, and the teacher appreciation luncheon.


Legacy Books

Help support our LMC with a monetary donation that will be presented to the Shepard library in your child's name.   


School Supplies

This committee coordinates the school supply list with the teachers and organizes the sale of packaged school supply kits.


6th Grade Back To School Bash 

Volunteers plan and organize a back-to-school event for the 6th graders on the first Friday of the school immediately after school. 


6th Grade Nightlife

There are two nightlife events for 6th graders.  They are evening parties/social gatherings at Shepard that help promote camaraderie within the grade.


6th Grade Social Dance

Volunteers help organize with a professional dance teacher a four-class program for 6th graders. 


Special Lunch

The Special Lunch Committee facilitates all aspects of the Special Lunch program throughout the school year with Lunch Solutions.  



The spirit wear Committee coordinates the sale and distribution of Shepard clothing and accessories. 


Sweet Treats

Volunteers help organize and facilitate a once-a-month treat day to help raise funds for our families in need.



The yearbook committee volunteer is a liaison between the Shepard Yearbook Club and Shepard staff that produces the yearbook.



The volunteer is responsible for keeping the Shepard PTSO website up-to-date.


Administrative Use