School Supplies

 School Supply Kits 23-24 are on sale now.



Kit contents differ by grade. Double check you chose the correct grade level for your child. 

 Case-It Binder Zippered w/ Laptop Sleeve 2"

Required for 6th & 7th. Optional for 8th.

        NOT part of Kits.

Ignore list on North Shore Coalition Website that says 3" 


Shepard Assignment Notebook

      Required for all grades.  

      PART of Kits. 

Only Avaialble on the North Shore Coalition website.



6th grade - ear buds are part of the kit. (website also lists separately from the Kit, so don't buy 2 on accident.)

8th Grade - ear buds are not part of the kit. Add them separately to the website or purchase on your own.


End Date: 

Sale goes through June 1, 2023.



Supplies will be delivered to your house mid-July

Tissues, paper towel and wipes will ship in bulk directly to the school.


Purchase On Your Own:  2023-24 School Supplies List