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 Special Lunch 

special lunch

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Deerfield Parent Network (DPN) is an organization providing an open forum for parents to share ideas and learn new ones. DPN offers single-issue programming for District 109 and District 113.

Shepard PTSO Committee

Book Fair
Lindsey Edgar

The Book Fair Committee coordinates all aspects of the Book Fair fundraiser. This includes working with the LMC director - Ms. Trdeau to coordinate the book request/recommendation lists, event set up, publicity and organizing volunteer parents and teachers to help at the event.

Cardboard Challenge (Learning Commons)
Kelly Jakymiw

The Cardboard Challenge Committee helps Ms. Trudeau coordinate and organize the event in the fall. This includes acquiring donations and coordinating volunteers. The three-day event inspires Shepard students to dream BIG and create anything they can imagine using simple items--cardboard and tape. 


World Culture and Diversity Fair

Lindsey Edgar

The World Culture & Diversity Fair Chairperson coordinates all aspects of the Fair held in the spring.  Responsibilities include securing participants and volunteers and coordinating with the school to prepare for the day of the event. The chair also works with the Shepard staff to help create a valuable learning experience for the students.


Deerfield Discount Card

The Deerfield Discount Card Chairperson is responsible for assisting with the distribution of the discount cards to be used at local businesses.

Deerfield Parent Network Rep
Michele Katz

The DPN Representatives represent Shepard and coordinate communication to the school community. 


Eighth Grade Grad Celebration
Steffanie Pinsky, Ellen Sachs, Liz Steinway, Becky Erlich and Amy Goldman

The 8th Grade Celebration Committee is responsible for all aspects of the end of the year graduation celebration for graduates only, and has generally taken place the Friday evening prior to graduation.

Eighth Grade Grad Dinner

Ellen Sachs, Liz Steinway, Becky Erlich and Amy Goldman

The 8th Grade Dinner Committee is responsible for organizing the Graduation dinner to be held after the graduation ceremony. The 2018 Celebration was at DHS.  Responsibilities include securing the venue, organizing entertainment, food and marketing the event.

Fundraising/Dining Dollars
Stacy Ybarra

The Dining Dollar Chairperson coordinates fundraisers at various local restaurants.


Kim Colwyn
Stacy Ybarra, Paige Farber, Karen Ebroon, Beth Linderman

The Hospitality Committee arranges for refreshments for all PTSO-related functions including the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Shepard Staff Holiday Luncheon and Staff dinner for Open House and Conferences.  

Learning Commons Volunteer Coordinator

The Learning Commons (LC) Chairperson coordinates the volunteers to assist in the LC.  One volunteer is needed every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:15 to 12:15 to shelve books, check books in and out and assist students while they’re in the LC. To volunteer go to 

Life Line
Lynn Frank

The Life Line Chairperson works with school administration to celebrate teachers and staff during important life events. 

Night Life 


The Night Life Committee coordinates all aspects of the the Night Life parties including activities, DJ and refreshments.

Reality 101
Beth Gottleib

The Chairperson works with the 7th grade social studies teachers to help run this in-school exercise that gives insight to the real world experience of running a household. The chairperson manages the volunteer sign up, and the day of the event including set-up and volunteer instructions.  (Date tbd by teachers sometime in February.)

Reality 201

The Chairperson works with the 8th grade social studies teachers and helps set up volunteers for this in-school program for 8th graders that gives students insight into the real world experience of managing a stock portfolio. The chairperson manages the day-of-the event including set-up and volunteer instructions. (Date TBD by 8th grade teachers some time in late-fall).

School Supplies
Jennifer Phillips

The School Supplies Chairperson, working with the Deerfield Coalition, helps coordinate the ordering and distribution of pre-ordered school supplies.

Sixth Grade Back-to-School Bash
Jen Anders, Holly Danzinger, & Heather Venemore

The 6th Grade Bash Committee coordinates all aspects of the Back-to-School Bash including the activies and the volunteers. The event takes place after school in the Fall. 

Sixth Grade Social Dance
Paige Farber & Ellen Sachs

The 6th Grade Social Dance Committee coordinates all aspects of social dance - the dance professional, parent and teacher chaperones, marketing and a dance finale party.

Special Lunch

Robin Bear, Lunch Solutions

Lunch Solutions manages all aspects of our special lunch program including ordering, changes, volunteers, serving and working with the vendors.


Treat Day
Sharon Weyhmueller 
Lynn Frank

The Treat Day Committee is responsible for coordinating volunteer bakers and sellers each month.  

Website Coordinator
Hayun Cho

The Webmaster is responsible for managing and updating the Shepard PTSO website throughout the year. 



The Welcoming Committee in conjunction with SEL (social emotional learning committee) is responsible for welcoming teachers, students and their families to Shepard.